Restaurant & Bar

OPA! Of Greece

PROJECT Restaurant
SIZE 952 Sq. Ft.

OPA’s of Greece awarded us the contract to renovate an existing fitness space into their new restaurant.  These franchise restaurants require lots of coordination as most of the products and suppliers are predetermined and need to be confirmed and scheduled for proper sequencing in the aggressive timelines these projects demand.

A large portion of the floor needed to be cut out to accommodate the new plumbing layouts.  New framing was required with heavy structural modifications to support the roof top mechanical units.  We also had to provide the unit with a new water service, as the existing did not meet the equipment requirements.  The concrete demolition, structural framing and water service work was completed with minimal disruption to the neighboring tenants.  Interior finishes include extensive tile work, wall graphics, specialty paneling and trims, custom millwork, glazing, and commercial kitchen.

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