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Crocus Plains Roof Renovation

PROJECT Renovation SIZE 20,000 Sq. Ft. COMPLETION 2022 Jacobson Commercial was awarded the contract for the Crocus Plains East Roof Replacement in spring of 2022, with an aggressive timeline of completion by October 2022. This involved systematically removing 20,000 sq/ft of existing roofing, cleaning and prepping the existing steel deck, and installing the new mod-bit [...]

Assiniboine Community College Daycare

PROJECT Daycare - Institutional SIZE 4,532 Sq. Ft. COMPLETION January 2020 The renovation at the Victoria ACC Campus is converting an old garage once used for the automotive program, into a larger daycare for the college. The entire area has been gutted in order to build all the necessities and luxuries, including a kitchen area, [...]

Rotary Villas Pharmacy & Doctor’s Office


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